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Home Renovation Services in East Boston You’ve Never Seen Before.
What we have for you today is a complete home renovation in East Boston completed by Pasquale and his amazing team. Now, when we start to think about contractor services in Boston, MA usually is referred to small projects or maintenance and we never think about a full blown, spectacular work that one team is able to do, especially in a town such as Boston, MA where there is a lot of contractors and competition, we want you to know that Design Concepts Pro Contractors is well above what you have seen or heard when it comes to Boston Home Renovations.

We will be showing you today what Pasquale and his team joined together to completely renovate and transform what used to be an OKAY home, to an exquisite, state of the art renovation initiative that will give you enough proof that hiring Design Concepts Pro Contractors is the only way to have the dream home you always wanted and dreamt about.

Talking About the Before

Talking About the Before

Let’s start by giving you a taste of how this home was structured, which will set the tone for what’s to come, and even though this home might appear to be sound and well, there is much to be said about renovating and creating a better space overall. We understand that renovation services in Boston may sound like “an expensive cost” but it all comes down to quality of life and investing in what you own. Think about the years you will spend in your place, and ask yourself this question: “What if this could be completely transformed, what would it look like?”. You will be surprised at how many Boston home owners ignore some facts about their home, leaving behind the one and ONLY chance of really transforming their way of living, when it’s all possible, we’ll show you how.

Take a look at this old home and we’ll show you that if you are looking for a complete transformation, it might just be one call away, and cost? Well, let us handle that for you!

Before The House Renovation in East Boston, MA

As you have probably seen many times over, a home is where you want to grow in, where families gather and from the photos above, answer this: “Would you simply LOVE living here as is?”, or “If this could be completely transformed on a budget, would you take the step forward?”

Our clients LOVE what we stand for, RELIABILITY, PROFESSIONALISM and DONE ON TIME. What more could you ask for in a project like this? Design Concepts Pro Contractors are simply your best choice, why you ask? We simply take what you have, listen to your requirements and go to town, and the best part is, we’re always working towards keeping cost down while maintaining a high standard on delivering the best results.

We have more than 25 years of experience and the results you received are nothing short of that. So, if you are ready to renovate your home in Boston, MA, talk to our team, because what you are about to see is the quality and delivery we are known for.

Are you ready to see the AFTER home renovation services in East Boston, if so then take a look!

What a Real Boston Contractor Can Do

What you see above is the result of hard work, sweat and blood poured in to see our clients beyond satisfied, absolutely pleased with how it came out. We are talking about a COMPLETE RENOVATION. Here is a list of what we have basically done to this place:

• Kitchen Renovation
• Bathroom Gutting & Renovation
• Granite Counter Tops
• New Vanity
• New All-Season Window Replacement
• New Kitchen Sink
• Completely New Flooring and Walls
• New Stainless Steel Appliances
• Bathroom Granite Walls
• Renovated House Heating System
• Much More!

It's Time to Renovate Your Home in Boston

We understand what it takes to completely change the way you live, by giving you new ideas and yes, it also means to completely change the perceived value of your home. We are running a HUGE special and we want you to take advantage of. Take $500 OFF your NEXT project, and you will experience this for yourself and family.

Do your self a favor, CONTACT US today (781) 960-4337 and stop PROCRASTINATING, and lets change your home into the dream place you always wanted!

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